Thursday, May 1, 2008

From 5 to 6

Tomorrow marks the day that we go to five taps of our beer to six. Our goal is to give Central Minnesota great variety in local hand crafted beer. The sixth faucet will not always have something on, but I'm gonna do my darnest to keep it stocked as tank space dictates. I also hope to start doing cask beer soon, which will expand on the variety of our beer you will see at McCann's.
We will also release our Maple Moon Ale tomorrow if all the stars align. Look for more details here on this great session beer.


Patrick said...

"The sixth faucet will not always have something on..."


That's Blasphemy!

I cry a little inside when I see an empty tap handle.

brewboy said...

I'll try and keep your tears to a minimum. ;)

ZAP said...

Looking forward to more info on the maple beer. I'll be by on Sat morning for a couple growlers.

Glad I retried the IPA version two...I really like it...

Also I though the bock/schwartzy aged nicely and the bigger cocoa flavor blended down and the bock characteristics emerged more predominately.

brewboy said...

Thanks Zap!