Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Say it-it's Fun!-Dubbel Donker!

Our next Dark Seasonal will go on tap Thursday, May 29th. Dubbel Donker(say: Doo-bull Donker/Translation: Double Dark). Here's the 411:

This style of dark Belgian ale is hard to find here in the states. In fact, we might be the first US brewery to brew one(correct me if I'm wrong). Brewed with Belgian pale, black, special B and chocolate malts, dark Belgian candi sugar and a blend of secret spices. Fermented with a Trappist monastery brewery yeast and aged a good long time. A strong ale best enjoyed in moderation.
7.7% ABV

Monday, May 26, 2008

Six Month Anniversary!

Hard to believe six months have gone by. We are celebrating Friday May 30th-Sunday June 1st.
Specials on our beer are:
$10 bottomless pints 6pm-close.
$1 pints
Free taco bar Saturday & Sunday 4-6pm.
Heck of a deal!

I have added a current beers on tap list on the left side of the page.
Look here for info on our next Dark Seasonal Tuesday, May 27th.
Enough for work on Memorial Day-talk to you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Party on the Patio

McCann's will be installing a patio next month. Now you will be able to enjoy our fine brews outside with friends. I think this will be a nice addition.
Dry hopped the next batch of Deep Seven today. I add fresh hops directly into the fermenter for more hop flavor and aroma. Spent the rest of my time cleaning the mash tun and some kegs. Tomorrow I will move the new dark seasonal to bright tank storage. Nice busy work going into the Memorial Day weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm only putting this up on the blog so faithfull readers will get first crack at this VERY limited release.
Bramble is a Blackberry Robust Porter. Large ripe blackberries are added for a secondary fermentation. It was then aged for five and a half months. Hints of ripe fruit in the nose hint at what's to come. The beer is slightly tart with a balanced roasty malt flavor.
There are only six growlers available. Price is $20 a growler. One growler per person. You may want to call ahead for availablity. First come/first serve.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I spent Saturday out in the rain for a few hours getting the local mountain bike trail in shape for riding. We had a good turn out in spite of the rain and Shared a beer or two afterward with good friends. Now, if I could just get out riding. My time management skills are suffering as of late and I seem to find more and more excuses to not go out and ride-I've got the gut and man boobs to prove it. I need a event to train for.
I have been riding my fixed gear Mercian to work and boy did I miss this bike over the winter-fun!
Cleaned beer lines and kegs today. Good Monday tasks.
Oh, and the post office changed McCann's address:
3320 3rd St. N.
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Still at turdy turd and turd.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Maple Moon Ale Release

Our Maple Moon Ale is now on tap.
Here's the 411:

Native Minnesotans called the early spring sap run the "maple moon" (or maple month). This natural sweetener has been used for centuries in Minnesota. Our Maple Moon ale is brewed with traditional floor malted organic pale ale malt from England and three other specialty malts. We add 100% pure maple syrup during fermentation which contributes a pleasing "maple/nutty" background. We are excited to bring this unique beer to Central Minnesota. 4.6% ABV

Thursday, May 1, 2008

From 5 to 6

Tomorrow marks the day that we go to five taps of our beer to six. Our goal is to give Central Minnesota great variety in local hand crafted beer. The sixth faucet will not always have something on, but I'm gonna do my darnest to keep it stocked as tank space dictates. I also hope to start doing cask beer soon, which will expand on the variety of our beer you will see at McCann's.
We will also release our Maple Moon Ale tomorrow if all the stars align. Look for more details here on this great session beer.