Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Gotta Be "Hopped" Up On Something!

Sadly, today will be the last day for the Maple Moon. I was very happy how this beer came out and I will miss it. It's been my go to session beer. Hopefully the demand will be there so I can brew it again next year.
So, thats the bad news, but here's the good:
On tap tomorrow...
Keg Hopped Deep Seven.
We cram fresh hops into a keg and fill it with our Deep Seven IPA. Let it sit a few days to meld with the hoppy goodness, then put it on tap-Yum!
The first keg of the series is dry hopped with Pacific Northwest Cascade hops. -Update: All gone
Keg two will be dry hopped with Goldings and Fuggles from the UK.
Test kegs have worked out great and feedback has been amazing.
Come on St. Cloud, show me you love your hops!
I also have two new lagers brewed and coming soon...
I'll keep you posted.


Jen said...

I'm seriously bummed about the Maple Moon. Next to the coffe porter, that was my favorite beer so far. :(

brewboy said...

I know, but if you like your beer hoppy the keg hopped D7 is REALLY tasty.
I think the moon will be back someday.
Glassware is allowed on the patio.