Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Something to try...

Today I mixed 1/2 Dubbel Donker with 1/2 Honey Raspberry ale and WHAMO! Very tasty. The fruity/spicynesss with the underlying chocolate of the Donker meld well with the raspberry and honey. Feel free to ask your server for this mix in a pint, or try a growlers worth to bring home.
I was put thorugh the ringer yesterday. I pulled my calf muscle the night before and woke up with my allergies on full power and a good limp. A visit with the oral surgeon late morning topped it all off. My mouth was on fire the rest of the day. The boys tempted me at band practice with Scotch, but I could only imagine the searing pain if it hit spot where the doctor knifed me. All in all the day was a blur. Feeling much better today I am happy to report.

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