Friday, July 18, 2008

Follow The Liter

Now available at McCann's:

One liter dimpled mugs for your beer enjoying pleasure.

Carefull...that's a lot o' beer!

Watch for liter specials during the week.

Perfect for the new patio.


grousy said...

Cute "post title" Mister Brewer Man!

The patio looks really nice- one of these evenings I plan to sit out there and chill with ya...but likely with a pint. That dang liter would put me under the table ;) Or, maybe I should go out with my sistas and leave you at home with the kiddos? Pffft :o)

Jen said...

The only thing better than great microbrew... is a whole friggin' liter of microbrew.

So they allow glass on the patio? Fabulous. I hate having to drink out of plastic just because I'm outside.