Thursday, July 31, 2008

Up Next

Coming soon will be our Summer Fruit Limited Reserve series:

Two Rivers Apricot Ale (with a touch of coriander).
Blue Bastard Blueberry Ale.

There will only be one keg each of these.
Stay tuned to this blog for release dates and more details, because these wont last long.
Beside being a whole lot of fun to brew, these are a nice way for me to "test the waters". If there is enough demand for these special brews they may come back as a full batch some time in the future.


Patrick said...

What are you brewing these on? Do you have a small-scale system you're doing test batches on?

I guess I might know this if I ever got down there for a tour...

brewboy said...

I'm using the Golden Ale as a base with them. If I ever brew a full batch of these I would tweak the malt bill, etc. The Raspberry Wheat does not use the Golden as a base. It has it's own specific recipe. I like to pair specific malts depending on the fruit I am using.
Just having fun as a brewer;)
My home brewing roots will always be with me.

Jen said...

I'm all over these. Keep us posted!