Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Opening Day Friday, November 30th

Well, opening day will soon be upon us. Unfortunately, I have not recieved approval from the goverment to brew yet-grrr!
I'm hoping to hear something today or tomorrow.
Anyway, please stop in and check out the new digs. Great local beer will be here soon-promise.


commuter13 said...

You're quoted in the paper as the end of December.
I am waiting till then.
Beer before food!

Jen said...

Great news! I'm out of town this weekend, but will have to stop by once I'm back.

brewboy said...

Thanks for the support you two!
Response has been very positive and overwhelming.
We put up a very large picture of the old St. Cloud Brewing Co. in the stairwell yesterday. I look into those old timers eyes and I get chills. I'm so proud of my small part of St. Cloud's Brewing history.
Can't wait to get going.
Cheers, Chris

Anthony said...

Came into town Friday and spent the night at McCanns. Great to have the place back in action and saw a lot of the old group back there. Place looks great. Would have been nice to have your beers on tap and look forward to coming down again when they are ready.

brewboy said...

Thanks for stopping by Tony!

Jen said...

and I hear that you guys are going to host our March Mashness competition this spring.... great news.