Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's Coming Back Home

I just won this on Ebay.

Many local folks don't know about St. Cloud's rich brewing history. The St. Cloud Brewing Co. was in business from 1933-1939(after operating under different names and owners since the late 1800's). The building later became the Purity Milk Company. I was fortunate enough during high school to be a volunteer for the March of Dimes "Haunted Dungeon" which used the old building as a halloween fund raising event. I remember vividly being in the basement lagering cellar-a beautiful stone structure with a healthy population of bats. There were other breweries in town as well. Caves in a ravine near St. Cloud State University were used to lager(age) beer. A rival brewer was accused of starting a fire at the Frank Funk Brewery in 1878. So, competition must have been fierce.

I may display this at McCann's and I'm searching for other items from local breweries. If you have anything interesting, or you know somebody who can help me on this quest, please let me know.

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Bob said...

I was a MoD Volunteer too! The last year at the library and the first two years at the dungeon.

I actually still have pictures from the cast party (after the library run)!

I remember the bats too... And turning out the lights on the crowd as they waited in line!