Monday, November 19, 2007

MPR Interview

Today I was interviewed by Tim Post of Minnesota Public Radio about the rising ingredient costs for brewing. Listen for the piece possibly Friday morning. I gather it will be on the MPR website also.
In other news...The TTB got a hold of me today. They said they are 90% done with our paper work and it looks like things may go through next week. Not what I was hoping, but what can you do? I'm just dying to brew. I'll keep ya posted.


Patrick said...

Good to hear! I'm eager to stop over and have a pint!

If you need any free labor, I'd love to stop by and help on one of your brewdays. Our club did a 20 gallon batch Burbon Vanilla Imperial Porter this past weekend. We had a few issues with a batch that large. It'd be good to see how a "big" system works to see if I can gleam any nuggets of info for our big brew days.

Brew on!

Jen said...

I'm loving the logos... looking great.

ryan said...

Tim called me too. Not so sure how coherent I sound, but hopefully thanks to the magic of editing, we'll both sound awesome!

brewboy said...

I hear ya on the coherent issue. I hope it turns out well.