Friday, November 23, 2007

MPR Interview with Yours Truly


BeerHopeful said...

I wasn't really sure how to get a hold of you. However, my name is Dylan I live down the road from McCann's..loved O'Haras. Anyway, I am wondering if there is anyway you would be willing to take on an unpaid brewing apprentice. I am a part-time homebrewer looking to gain more experience. If you want to know more or anything you can contact me at


brewboy said...

Thanks to everyone who has offered up their services.
Right now McCann's is a one man brewing operation. I hope we are overwhelmed with demand and this changes.
Once things get rolling and routine at the brewery I would be happy to have guest brewers for a day.
I have a open brew house policy. If you stop in and see me brewing knock on the door and say hello. I love to talk beer.
Cheers, Chris