Monday, December 1, 2008

They're back!

I now have the Golden and High Bank Amber back on tap. Sorry for the delay. The Deep Seven will be back on Friday-and if samples from the tank are any indication it's gonna be a good one. I tweaked the dry hopping a little and it has made a big difference. Also...this is the second batch where I have used "first wort hopping". When the first runnings of the mash are being pumped into the brew kettle, I add the flavoring hops. Now some of you home brewers may be wondering why you would add the flavoring addition at this time, but believe me, it adds a unique hop character to the beer.
We just recieved our third order of growlers. Thanks for supporting your local brewery!


RickieandBubbles said...

Bring on the hops!!!

grousy said...

Hey there, watch out for Rickie and Bubbles- they are all about beer, and pepperoni, and beer, and crazy schemes and beer. I hear they have a cable access type show, much like our locally esteemed Fast Eddie aka Wolfgang Anacon. Except it seems to be more fun when Canucks go bat-shit-crazy and threaten to blow things up.

RickieandBubbles said...

I was going to get some beer at McCanns but my go-cart is not running and I only have enough money for cat food. Rickie is going to send Cory and Trever to gets some instead. Rush rocks!