Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Here's hoping that your Thanksgiving travels are save, whether they are 200 miles away, 50 miles away, across town or from the dining room table to the couch! Be safe and patient out there people.

A super cool thing going on the day after Thanksgiving- no, I'm not talking about getting up at 4am for Black Friday sales, we avoid those like the plague around here- It's the National Day of Listening. Any one's story is important and especially important as family and loved ones live further and further away from each other nowadays. I would like to take my recording device and record some of the grandparents talking with the grand kids. My wife's family is huge and that might be chaotic at Thanksgiving Supper. I would love to preserve some of my mother's stories and grandmother's stories (she's 95, living in the same house in Fairmont since the 1950's).

Whether you record the stories or not, just listen to what others have to say. Right now, in this time, history is calling us to share our stories. Love this idea, hope it catches on!

Today being Wednesday, it's $5 buck growler refill day and the perfect time to pick some craft brew up for Thursday's big feast.

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justme_fromhere said...

I am also avoiding Black Friday...we kind of need some home repair supplies at Menards; hubby thought it would be "safe" by late morning.

I love the listening day idea; I too hope it catches on.