Friday, December 12, 2008

Like I Need Another Hobby

Just finished up my first two guitar effects pedals. I wanted to find a way to get my soldering chops back into shape and this looked like a fun way to do it. I've never done circuit board soldering and it proved to be the most fun.
The cream pedal is a boost and the brown pedal is a tremolo.
You can hear them at a Cannery Row gig near you.


Jen said...

Good lord. If you tell us you can juggle, I officially give up. :)

brewboy said...

I wouldn't be able to juggle if my life depended on it.

simple-cyclist said...

Howdy Chris,

I am going to to be in SC on Xmas eve. Any chance you will be around? Thinking maybe we could go for an cx ski if you are around? You can reach me at simplecyclist(at)gmail(dot)com. Hope all is well with you and family. Happy Holidays. Chad

Kyia said...

So, did you make the tremolo pedal from scratch? If so, I'd buy one off of you. Call me

brewboy said...

Taking orders ;)