Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cannery Row at the Local Blend Friday

From our email list:
Cannery Row will be at the Local Blend this Friday (21 Nov) in downtown St. Joseph from 7-10 pm. This has always been one of our favourite places to play and this week we also get to take advantage of their new stage. Good food too!

We’ll also have the latest in Cannery Row merchandise available for purchase. You can get an early start on your holiday shopping with a lovely set of Cannery Row glassware (actually used by members of the band!)

Hope to see you Friday.


LisaZ said...

We hope to be there!

brewboy said...

Hope to see you there!

LisaZ said...

So sorry we didn't make it! We were both exhausted, and I was in pain head to toe (which happens to be my lovely way of responding to stress, even good stress!)

We'll try for next time and hopefully not be so tired.