Monday, June 2, 2008

Spring Hops

The hops I planted in early spring finally broke the surface today. The hops in the backyard are doing great and are almost full grown(as tall as my patio fence). I've ramped up my gardening all around this year and I have really been enjoying it. Good to get dirt under the finger nails.


grousy said...

Hey there sweet, hop growing, beer brewing, coffee roasting daddy of my two fine boys-

Happy Birthday!!

Love ya,

grousy said...

Ah, geez- I forgot guitar slinging! Doh!

Patrick said...

That's great to hear they're breaking ground. I don't feel so bad now about my hops. I started 8 varieties indoors, but I think I put them out too early. What's left of the shoots are starting to green up now, but I haven't been able to get any new shoots yet. The 18 cascade I put in as a privacy screen have yet to make an appearance yet either.

Glad to hear it's not just me!