Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gully Gusher

We sure have had our share of rain lately. Good for the garden, not so good for the spirits. Anyhoo...I've been trying to play keep up at the brewery lately. We are on track to have our best month barrelage wise since we opened. June/July was usually our slowest time of year at O'Hara's, so things are looking good beer wise. The restaurant business is just brutal these days. We have every damn restaurant franchise in this town and it's a battle for us locally owned establishments to keep up with them. I'm happy we have something unique(brewery) to offer folks that sets us apart from the "big" guys. We also have a new menu on the way very soon.
I'll be doing a beer sampling for the Avon Area Arts friends tomorrow night. They are having a festival this weekend:
I have a "keg hopped" Deep Seven and a Summer Peach Golden Ale limited edition set to go on tap. If these go over well, you may see a special limited release at McCann's in the future.
Rumor has it I may see the first of our new tap handles crafted by pottery wiz J.D. Jorgenson.


Jen said...

I'm hoping that the Peach Golden Ale goes over like gangbusters, because that sounds like a perfect summer beer for McCann's lineup. ;)

brewboy said...

Well Jen it's easy to make one keg at a time, so you may see it.
Our next seasonal possibly on tap next week will be a Honey Raspberry Ale. Hope that will work for your summer tastes also. Cheers!

Jen said...

We'll keep our eyes peeled for it, Chris. Sounds great.

I've thought about doing a cherry honey wheat, actually... just haven't gotten around to it.