Monday, April 7, 2008

Cannery Row-Friday-McCann's

We will be playing at McCann's on Friday the 11th. 8pm start. We will be playing upstairs instead of downstairs; sorry for the confusion.
Added maple syrup to the next seasonal today. I wanted to wait for the active part of fermentation to slow down a bit so the maple aroma would not get scrubbed off. We'll see if it works.
I have had trouble finding a local maple syrup producer, so I had to go the store for some. I purchased 100% pure grade A. $75 of syrup and the cashier didn't bat an eye. She probably thought I had one hell of a pancake breakfast coming up.
I may do a post fermentation addition, so if anyone knows a local producer let me know.


LisaZ said...

Did you go to the Good Earth Food Coo-op? We get maple syrup in gallon jugs there, which is sold in the bulk dept. You could ask Mike, the bulk buyer, to special order some for you--however many gallons you need. It is local, Pierz I think.

LisaZ said...

oops! spelling error. That's the Good Earth Food Co-op!

Patrick said...

Believe it or not...

Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers' Association.

You might be able to get in touch with someone through there.

brewboy said...

Thanks for the tip Lisa. I'll try that.
I emailed a few folks from the MMSPA and never got a response back.
I see I missed the St. John's maple syrup Festival on the 5th. Drats!

LisaZ said...

St. John's doesn't sell their syrup; it's only for the monks, the school, and gifts. Of course, knowing monks they would probably appreciate your using it for beer brewing and sell you some!

There's another source you might order directly from: Whole Farm Co-op based in Long Prairie. You can just google them and order from their site. Not sure what they have available right now.