Monday, April 21, 2008

Arborfest This Friday

I wanted to point you beer lovers in the direction of St. Paul Friday.
Check out the website for more details:
Not sure what we are pouring yet, but Deep Seven is a for sure, probably the Black
Forest Bock and something else.

Our beer stock got hammered over the weekend (a good thing), so I'm playing catch up.
There was some confusion over the Growler special, but it is Mondays and Wednesdays. $5 fills it.


ZAP said...

How are things looking for the seasonals? I'll be coming through town this weekend and would like to load up on some new stuff.

BTW-The triple trouble was fantastic...I hope that one will return some time.

Any plans for a true hefe or dortmunder for the summer months?

I've been pretty impressed with the beers so far...I never rated the stout because I just had one at the bar and I didn't take notes. I liked it though...guessing it was more of a sweet stout??

Keep up the good work.

ryan said...

A wit would be nice. :)

I'll see you friday!

brewboy said...

The stout and Black Forest Bock are still on tap. Don't be too hard on me with the bock. It's really more of a schwarzbier/bock hybrid. Maybe I shoulda named it a doppelschwarz. Still tasty though. You may want to try Deep 7 version 2.0.
I hope to squeeze in a wit this summer.
Thanks for the support youz guys.

ZAP said...

The Bock is decent enough...a nice're right the Schwartzy notes led the way...I think I gave a it a good but not great review.

Any idea when the next seasonal will go on. I'm just curious because I'll be coming through town the next two weekends and then won't be down that way for a while.

I'll definitely give the IPA version two another shot...I almost went with that the last time I was in (I only had time for a quick one) but went with the stout instead which was very good.

brewboy said...

Not sure if the maple ale will be on by that time-possible.