Saturday, March 8, 2008

Limited Release! Coffee Infused Prairie Porter

Thanks to local St. Cloud coffee roaster Muggsy's Beans, we are proud to introduce our Coffee Infused Prairie Porter. We cold pressed and infused Muggsy's Papua New Guinea Arabica beans in our Dark Seasonal Prairie Porter resulting in a nice coffee flavor up front that melts into a roasty/chocolate finish.
There will only be four kegs of this special brew. Growlers will be available, but when it's gone, it's gone.
Check out Muggsy's


Anonymous said...

Oh! I wish you were closer to the Twin Cities! The coffee-infused porter sounds mighty delicious!

Anthony said...

Hey Chris. Glad to see everything is up and going well at Mccanns and looking forward to getting down there and trying your new beers. I know I'm coming down at the end of the month for me birthday, but looking to make some plans in either the cities or St Cloud for St Pats. Would you happen to know when the big party is going to be in Cloudy? I know in the cities it's going to be Saturday because of some conflict with drinking and a Catholic holy week (some irony in not celebrating a saint during the holy week). Thought maybe you've heard something as to what they are doing at Mccanns. Thanks.

brewboy said...

Our St. Pats celebration starts the 13th and goes until Monday. After that we have our grand opening week. So there's stuff going on for quite a strech. I would think our busy day will be next Saturday. We will also have the Amber Waters book signing/MN brewing history presentation Saturday along with the home brew competition that day. So it might be worth coming up then.

Anthony said...

Thanks Chris, I'll keep all of that in mind. Just might be there on Saturday.

Muggsy said...

Thanks for the plug, Chris! I'm looking forward to tasting such a delicious beer!

BTW, I had some of your Belgian the other night and loved it! Looks like McCann's is going to turn into our favorite after-rehearsal spot!

grousy said...

I was lucky enough to try some off the first growler pour- I'm tight with the brewer that way ;)
Really yummy! I love my coffee, so this is right up the a coffee lovers alley! Thanks to JD & Sara for sharing the first growler with us. Too bad DougZ isn't drinking this month, he'll miss out- boohoo!
But hey, there's an empty growler out there to be filled, maybe he'll lend it out so one of his buddies can get more fills of this "limited release"!

Jen said...

The coffee porter is great (typed as I take a swig from the last of the McCann's growler in my fridge). MMMMM.

Can't wait for the brew competition this weekend... after Saturday I think McCann's will feel like a second home. ;)

Patrick said...

Ok, feel free to call me out because I'm a growler newbie, but am I responsible for keeping my own growler clean?
I've got nothing against it, but I was a bit shocked when the bartender grabbed my returned growler (without a cap) off the bar and brought it right to the tap. I asked if she could wash it out first. I think she gave it a quick rinse, but went right back to the tap with it.
I thought I remember you saying you had a growler washer... I asked, but the bartender said you didn't.

Am I just an idiot for thinking that I'd get a fresh (cleaned) growler for a refill?

Patrick said...

Oh, and the porter...


The coffee blends very well with the porter. It adds another dimension to the aroma and melds well with the underlying flavors. It's obviously present, but not overwhelming.

Excellent job on the blend!

brewboy said...

Each brew pub does things differently, but we do expect folks to clean thier own growler. I would like to see us handle it, but we are not really set up for it now.
As a brewer, I always worry about the condition growlers are coming back in, so we might have to look into this a little deeper.

Patrick said...

Now that I know, I'll keep the bugger clean! It doesn't bother me any, but you do have a good point about your beer ending up in dirty growlers.

I can't remember what you said about how many growlers you're going through in a month... what was that number again?

brewboy said...

Not sure actually. I'm trying to get the data from our POS system.
We are going to sell a few next week though...stay tuned for a great deal!