Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cannery Row at the Downtown Art Crawl

Just a quick note that my band Cannery Row will be playing the St. Cloud Downtown Art Crawl tomorrow 5-9pm. We will be at the Federal Building. Coffee Infused Porter will be on tap. Stop by and say howdy.
The Cloudy Town Home Brewers March Mashness home brew contest will be Saturday pretty much all day. There will be the last of the Coffee Infused Porter on tap in the basement. See the post below on the Amber Waters book signing/presentation event that night.
St. Patty's festivities have started and will go until Monday. Following that is our Grand Opening. Details on that soon. Call McCann's at 320-217-5800 for more info.
McCann's is supporting KVSC's Huskie hockey coverage Friday and Saturday. Go Huskies!
Busy days ahead!


Deuane said...

Hi...coming to the TC area next Friday....saw your place is having it's grand opening while we are in the area. Is it worth our while to make the trek to St Cloud? I am a brew pub collector...been to 650+ and seeing that your newish and all is a great reason to make it!

Friday will be an evening in the Cities and Saturday we will be hitting Surly at noon for growler fills....but then...we have some open time. Maybe come out and take a look.

When do you open on Saturdays? Would you maybe be around?
Any of that coffee porter still around?

Thanks for any info you can provide!

Take care...Yours in Beer!,

Deuane said...

Hey...better yet what time on Friday do you open? We get in early enough we could come up for a late lunch before our eve in the city.

Also...if you would like to check out our adventures you can check it out at the blog my wife keeps at

JavaJohn said...

Great beer last night. I'm pretty much an ale man but do dabble with others. The coffee in your infused porter was perfect, not overdone. Very smooth and tasty. Truly a healthy libation.

justme_fromhere said...

I was trying to read about March Mashness out loud to the hubby...that is a tongue twister sober...March Machness...nooo...marsh again...m-a-r-c-h pause m-a-s-h-n-e-s-s. Try that three times fast, or better yet, I'd like to hear someone try that after a growler! LOL!

brewboy said...

We open at 11pm Friday. We are having a super growler deal for $2 for the growler and $4 for a fill the week of the grand opening, so it might be worth heading up. It's around 70ish miles from the cities up I94.
My wife works Friday afternoons so I come in pretty early and leave around noon so I can watch the kids.
Sorry, The coffee porter is gone as of this weekend. The new stout is tasty though!