Thursday, February 7, 2008

Trippel Trouble on Tap Tomorrow

Our Trippel Trouble will be on tap tomorrow. Here's the skinny:
Belgian Monastery breweries have been making the worlds most interesting beers for many years. Many of these beers are only available inside the monastery walls only for the monks enjoyment. Beers of high strength are brewed to sustain the monks during their fasts. Our Abbey style Trippel is one such beer. Trippel means that it's three times the strength of a regular beer. Brewed with over 900 pounds of the highest quality Belgian malts and candi sugar. Belgian candi sugar looks like "rock candy" and contributes a "rummy" flavor to the beer. A Belgian monastery ale yeast gives this beer a fruity/spicy complexity while maintaining drinkability despite it's strength. Hints of honey, caramel, apricot and a subtle spicyness are experienced in it's flavor. This beer is served unfiltered and pours a tawny gold. A strong, wonderful beer for cold winter evenings.
1.082 O.G.

It was nice meeting with the Cloudy Town Home Brewers last night. I was able to sample some wonderful beers and a great apple/peach still cider. A nice warm up for Winterfest tomorrow.
Hope to meet some blog readers at the fest. If you read this blog, please stop by and say hi. I hope to have photos of the fest up this weekend some time.


Jen said...

Chris, thanks for joining us last night... great to have you there.

Jen said...
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brewboy said...

Thanks for having me!

Sandy said...

Loved the Trippel Trouble! Just as fabulous as the Double Trouble!

Great to visit with you last night at Winterfest!

See you soon so I can get a growler full!

brewboy said...

Thanks for the support Sandy!

Patrick said...

Picked up a growler tonight on my way out of town. I'd have to say it's a bit sweet for me. Getting it a bit dryer would help it from being cloying and make it go down dangerously easy.

Still a good beer, however. LOVE the fruitiness I get out of it!