Monday, February 4, 2008

Little Abbey Status

If you are a fan of our Little Abbey Ale ya better act fast and get your share before it's gone.
Up next is the Trippel Trouble which is resting nicely in the bright tank.
One correction from the last post: I will be playing the Monticello Dunn Bros. not the Buffalo location.
A big hello to the folks at Brau Bros. Brewing. Thanks for the visit Friday. Dustin's beers are available across the state. Go out and try some and support a local brewery.
If you have never done it, home brewing is a great hobby and a excellent way to learn the art of brewing. The Cloudy Town Home Brew Club will be having their monthly meeting at McCann's Wednesday at 7:30pm. They are very welcoming folks and will help you on your journey to brew wonderful beers. Stop on by-maybe Bruce the president will buy you a beer (it says so in their newsletter).


LisaZ said...

Hey, I went to the St. Cloud Times website today and they have their "vote for the best" issue coming out soon. You can click on the link to vote for your favorite places in St. Cloud. Unfortunately, this year (the first time, I think), they only let you pick from three already-chosen-by-them choices in each category. McCanns doesn't even make the list anywhere! Not even a choice!

We need to protest this!

Lisa Zahn

Jen said...

No doubt. Aparently if you're not Green Mill, Granite City, or Perkins you're SOL. *sigh*

I just went ahead and pretty much voted for any independent business I could. Grrrr. *shakes fist*

brewboy said...

This town is full of franchise zombies.