Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thanks Barley John's!

It was looking like I wasn't going to squeeze a stout in for St. Patty's this year, but I'm going to put the up coming Doppelschwarzbock on as the regular seasonal and put a stout in it's place for our next dark seasonal release. Now my only problem was I didn't have any roasted barley on hand. I gave a call down to Colin at Barley John's in New Brighton and he was able to part with a bag-yee haw!
So...we will have a stout on for March.
Go visit Barley John's next time you're in their neck of the woods and have a pint or two. The beer is fantastic not to mention the Canadian Bacon/pineapple pizza-seriously you can't get me to eat one of those any where else, but theirs is out of this world.
So far this week I've managed to dislocate my left ring finger sledding with the kids and cutting my pinky open when a mug handle snapped off while I was doing dishes. All this before I play guitar Friday night at McCann's. Oh, did I mention I have a cold also, so singing should be interesting. Hope my band mates can carry me.

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