Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Deep Seven IPA Now on Tap

One for the lovers of hoppy craft brews. Seven deep layers of flavor consisting of three English malts and four hop varieties (2 U.S./2 English). Generous portions of hops are added to the brew kettle and hops are also added to the fermenter for a wonderful hop aroma.
It feels great to finally have all of the beers on. I'll be doing staff training tonight and tomorrow to get them up to speed. Things are coming together. Still waiting on signage to be done which is a little frustrating, but I have learned to be patient. We have some fun things coming in the future so stay tuned.

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Dean said...

Brew Review. I stopped into McCanns this afternoon to sample the latest two brews. Very impressed. I must first admit that I am biased towards the extremes (IPAs and Porters) so I only tried those two today. I started with the Deep Seven IPA. It was nicely hopped and had alot going on. Very glad I had it. My only negative comment might be that it was colder that I am used to, but I suppose I could stand to drink my beer a little more slowly.

Halfway through my IPA I decided to order my Porter and let it sit, so it would have time to warm up a bit before I tasted it (in fact, the bartender used a warm glass). With every sip it got better and better (and warmer). My recomendation - order two beers at once, sip on your least favorite style first while your favorite style gets a chance to warm up a bit. You will leave happy.