Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cannery Row Live at McCann's!

My band Cannery Row will be playing at McCann's Friday, February 22nd-7-10pm. If you are a fan of Americana music come check us out. Check out the link on the left for Cannery Row's MySpace page.
Tune into the blog tomorrow as I will have a very
special prize give away. Seriously-it's a good one!


Jen said...

I'm SO there. I'll start working on getting a sitter... :)

brewboy said...

You should come up and do your beer snob and brewmaster song-whaddya say?

Jen said...

hrmmmm.... perhaps.

Although NO ONE will get the brewmaster song, seeing as it was all about a brewer buddy of mine in La Crosse. :)

Jen said...

Ok, it's a done deal. Got a sitter, we'll be there for sure. And not having to chase around a 5 year-old little redhead. Talked some of the other brewclub members into coming, too. You'll have your own private little fan club there, Chris.