Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting Close

The carpet folks were in today making good progress. I'm going to do a malt order tomorrow or Thursday-just gotta find a two wheeler to haul it to the grain storage room. I'm really ready to brew, but I'm waiting on the Feds and state to get through the paper work.
I'm so anxious to brew I did my first batch of home brew in eleven years this last weekend. It's chuggin' away nicely. McCann's is a flurry of activity right now and it's got me pumped. Can't wait to pull on the rubber boots!


Patrick said...

That's great! I no more than started working down in Sauk Rapids and O'Hara's closed. Can't wait to stop by!

brewboy said...

Thanks Patrick!

commuter13 said...

I too cannot wait. I check your blog daily craving for more news.
Josh went to Granite two days ago wanting some Octoberfest. They were out in 11 days...350 gallons.
We need you man!

brewboy said...

and I need you guys.
When ya gonna update your blog ben? ;)

commuter13 said...

What blog?

I think I have given that up. I spend too much time reading others and not doing mine.