Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beer Development

I got the piping on the brewhouse all back together today. Kegs are washed and stacked-a little more progress everyday. I'll be contacting my suppliers today to get accounts set up. The recipes are starting to come together and I should be making the beer line up public knowledge soon. There are some hard choices to made about the regular beers. You have to live with them a long time so you have to make solid decisions. Many people have requested some of the old O'Hara's beers and I am flattered, but O'Hara's owned the recipes/names of those beers and we want to do things our own way for the new pub. I hope you will all understand. I feel very good about what I have planned so, keep your minds and your palates opened.


db said...

Good luck-glad you landed on your feet in a brewery you know like the back of your hand. If you need anything, you know my number!


brewboy said...

I hope to get down to the ABR to drink beer. Hope to see you there.