Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dumping Beer

When O'Hara's closed we still had a inventory of beer. My first job coming back sadly, was dumping the beer and getting the tanks cleaned. The beer in the fermenters was still chilled and tasted remarkably good. Unfortunately, the cooling system in the serving tank room had quit working, so that beer was warm-real warm. I got to work cleaning the tanks and this process took about a week or so.
I then started working on the brew house, cleaning the mash tun, kettle, heat exchanger and pipes going down to the fermentation cellar. All went very smoothly.
Last week I started to disassemble the brew house piece by piece. I changed all TC fitting gaskets and soaked all other fittings, etc. in Five Star PBW(Powdered Brewery Wash). Everything is almost back together but, I am waiting for a few odd ball gaskets from JVNW(manufacture of our equipment).
I'll be bringing the camera to work tomorrow and hope to get some shots of the progress of the brew pub. Stay tuned...

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