Saturday, August 18, 2007


Checking one, two, three, is this thing on?
Welcome to the brewers diary. I'll be posting here to update you on the comings and goings at McCann's Food & Brew. Daily challenges and victories, people I meet, beers I brew. There is a lot going on now at the brew pub. We are in the remodeling phase right now and there is much to do.
As some of you may know, I was the brewer at O'Hara's Brew Pub & Restaurant for eleven years when things came crashing down in April and the business closed. All the things I worked so hard for were lost and as spring turned to summer, I had to do a lot of thinking about what my next step would be. My family and I really wanted to stay in the Central Minnesota area, but brewing jobs are very few and far between here.
I was working with the Small Business Association to look into possibly starting a coffee roastery(this may still happen as a side job) and by chance I was put in touch with two gentlemen who were planning on reopening the brew pub.
Well, we are into the middle of August now and I'm cleaning the brewing equipment getting ready for government approval and looking foward to brewing once again. I'll give more details of what I've been up to soon.

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