Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spalt Delegation Visits

Yesterday we hosted our friends from St. Cloud's sister city Spalt, Germany. I can't tell you how friendly and appreciative they were and we all had a great time enjoying our beer and food together. I was fortunate enough to meet the Mayor(or Bergmeister) of Spalt, Udo Weingart. It turns out he is the head of the Spalter Brewery and he invited me to travel to Spalt next year and visit the brewery and the Weihenstephan Brewing University near by. I guess I need to start saving money for the trip!

As I have mentioned before, I aquired some Spalt variety hops and plan to do a special brew this year with them to honor our friendship with Spalt. Our city mayor was excited about this and I will be on his radio show to talk about the special beer when it is released.

So, all in all a great time and I'm looking foward to Friday when Cannery Row gets to play for the delegation at a pig roast just outside of town.


justme_fromhere said...

So glad this was enjoyable...heck, how couldn't it be a good time, getting a whole room of Germans drinking your beer, and now they get to hear you play, too! You better get to go to would absolutely love it!

justme_fromhere said...

BTW, Happy Birthday!!

brewboy said...


LisaZ said...

This is just so great for you! I was looking up trains from London to Spalt last night--haven't figured it out exactly, but I think we'll be able to go too, from where we'll be in England next summer.

What a wonderful connection you've made. And now to get some more publicity around St. Cloud--yay! You deserve it.