Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spalt Fest

Last night I attended a meeting at City Hall with the mayor regarding Spalt Fest the first week of June. Spalt, Germany is St. Cloud's sister city and a large crew from Spalt is coming for a visit. There will be many activities for our guests during the week and hopefully visiting our little brewery will be one of them. Spalt's city band will be performing three times ay various locations around town during the week. The festival is in the early planning stages, so details will follow. I hope to someday form a relationship with the Spalt Brewery and possibly do a coop brew with them. Just a dream for now, but who knows?
Things have been busy at the brewery lately. Business has picked up nicely over the winter. All of my fermenters are full and I am doing the best I can to keep up. I could use another tank or two lately. These are nice problems to have!


Patrick said...

I know it's not another fermenter, but how about a helping hand? I may be looking to take a "brewday vacation" for a day in the near future.

-Your friend from the north

brewboy said...

Sounds good. I'll keep you posted.