Saturday, January 3, 2009

Time For a Update

Well, it's been a bit of struggle keeping things on tap lately. Delays in malt orders for the most part. Most of our line up should be back next week. We have some fun things planned coming soon, including the return of Flame. This beer went over very well at the Autumn Brew Review and will be available in very limited quantities at the MN Craft Brewers Guild's Winterfest and at the pub. It is brewed with exotic sugars, organic Flame raisins and aged on oak.
Also coming soon will be a brand new Dark Seasonal-think oatmeal/think STRONG.
Oh, and Trippel Trouble will find it's way back in the line up shortly.
I will be playing with Cannery Row Friday the 9TH at the Local Blend in St. Joe. I put up two original songs on our MySpace page. They were recorded last Monday at practice. Farm Town was our first time playing it (and the first time the band heard it) so excuse the non polished performance.

OK, all for now. Time to hunker down for the incoming winter storm.


justme_fromhere said...

The Annie song hit a bit close to home - yup, I choked up. Hope to hear you do that one in person soon. Maybe Friday?

Jen said...

ahhh, I love "Annie"... I remember you playing that one when we played guitar together that one evening. So pretty.

grousy said...

justme, you've heard Annie before I'm sure, (Chris has done it for about a year now), but sometimes one doesn't hear things until they come slamming up into your face and pounding on one's heart I suppose.

{{{BIG Hugs}}}

justme_fromhere said...

Grousy: I'm sure that's'd probably help if we talked less & listened more at the shows, huh...;-)The tune did seem familiar, just never quite heard the words the way I'm hearing them now. :-( I'm hanging in there, though; it'll all be okay, in time.