Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold Snap Ale Now on Tap

Here's the 411:
Our new Dark Seasonal is brewed with six different grains including oatmeal which contributes a velvet like mouth feel. This strong ale is the cure for our bitter Minnesota winters. A generous portion of Simcoe hops are added to the kettle during the brewing process to keep the malt sweetness in check and giving this beer a foward hop presence.
6.5% ABV

It's a bit of a hybrid style oatmeal porter/pale ale. I enjoy pissing off the style police from time to time.


Jen said...

Yay for pissing off the style police... I get so frustrated when I make up a recipe that's not SUPPOSED to be any particular style and someone freaks out that it's not categorizable. I just want to say, "It's a beer. It's good. Just DRINK THE DAMN THING".

RickieandBubbles said...

Picked up a growler of Cold Snap tonight. Excellent!!