Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prairie Porter Returns Thursday

This seems fitting to me after spending the weekend on the prairie of Southwest Minnesota. A big thanks to the Brau Brothers for hosting a fine Hop Festival in Lucan. We didn't know if the locals would enjoy our band or not, but we were happy to spend some time with good folks on our breaks sharing some great beer with us. The brothers had requests to bring us back next year and I'm looking forward to it. If you haven't tried their Whirly Bird Stout yet, be sure to do so.
After the fest, my wife and kids met me and we headed off to Fort Ridgely State Park. Our little guy was well under the weather, but was a trooper all weekend. Despite a blow chow incident in the tent, the camping was good.
We toured the ruins of the old fort on Sunday. Thanks to the workers at the interpretive center for all of their knowledge on the Dakota Uprising. I owe you guys a beer!
Afterwards we visited the Birch Coulee battlefield, but, because of our sick son, we didn't get a chance to do the walking tour. Another day trip will have to be planned in the future. Birch Coulee has a nice ring to it. I hope to write a flat picking melody named after it soon.


LisaZ said...

Blow chow incident?! took me a minute...

Sorry to hear DS was sick still. You guys are the real troopers to go camping anyway. Glad you had fun.


HMBREWER said...

Hey brewboy, great job in beautiful downtown Lucan. I also love the whirlybird, but saturday I was hooked on the fresh hop. Hopefully me and the boys from new ulm will make a trip to st cloud in the near future.
Brew on!

brewboy said...

Thanks hmbrewer!
Hope to see you up here soon.