Thursday, August 14, 2008

Middle Town Braun Now On Tap

Here's the skivvy:
The Middle Town area of St. Cloud(now Downtown) was settled by Germans in the mid to late Eighteen hundreds. This dark amber lager is brewed in their honor. By using a large portion of Munich malt with the addition of chocolate and dark crystal malts, we achieve a beer with balanced caramel/toffee notes with a light roasted background. Our cold aging process produces An incredibly drinkable beer you will keep coming back to.
4.5% ABV

This one will be about as light as our Dark Seasonal gets, but we are in the dog days of summer and I thought this would be a little more refreshing. We still have the Dubbel Donker if you want to get your dark on. It fits style wise somewhere between a Octoberfest and Dunkel. This one is just made for our liter mugs and patio. I'm really digging the deep maltyness this beer dishes out.

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