Friday, December 28, 2007

Growlers Now Available

Stop on in and pick up some McCann's brew to go. Growlers are now on sale. Half gallon containers of the freshest beer around.


ifp4life said...

been waiting a long time for your brew to arrive. tried it last night and its got a long way to go. the seasonal wasnt completely terrible, it leaves a rough after taste, as do the rest.

ifp4life said...

actually i think it was the seasonal. the bartenders were calling them light, amber and seasonal. is that correct?

laumb2 said...

We have on the McCann's Golden, High Bank Amber And Little Abbey Ale seasonal.
To each his own.

Jen said...

Hrm, I had the Abbey a few nights ago and didn't notice any aftertaste other than the recognizeable Belgian yeast, as I should with a Belgian. But as Chris said, guess we each have our own preferences.

Looking forward to tasting the others, Chris. We'll be back. Checked it out the day before you got the other two on tap, darn it. :)