Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Brews From McCann's News

Our new Dark Seasonal is now on tap. Prairie Porter makes it's return this winter.
The Devil's Dream went over very well and will return at some point.
On Wednesday from 5-7pm we will be releasing our new Seasonal Red Sky Rye Ale. I'll be on hand to share a pint or two and answer questions.
Held to the light this brew displays a deep red hue. A light tan head clings to the sides of the pint glass. This ale is brewed with Special Pale Ale, crystal and Special B malts. Rye is also added to the mash for a subtle spicy flavor. Just enough British hops are added to the brew kettle to balance the layers of malt and contribute a low to medium bitterness. A great beer to gather your friends around here at the pub, or "to go" in a growler. 5% ABV.
Brewmaster Chris

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