Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Patio Fun This Thursday!

I stashed away the last keg of Batch 100 a while back and now it's time to tap that sucker! This was our German Kotbusser style beer. I know of only one other brewery in the states to brew this style, so this may be your last chance to try it for a good while. We will also have grilled burgers and the like, all free with a donation to St. Cloud Youth Hockey. 4-7pm.
See you there,
Brewmaster Chris


Grant said...

The batch 100 was awesome. Still waiting for you to come out with a good Octoberfest ;). I'm gonna take some time here and dump my list of suggestions out. Your pumpkin ale was really quite tasty as well as your maple one. In my opinion you should have a good stout out all year ;). Ok that's it. Keep on brewing.

brewboy said...

Thanks Grant. I always consider beer fan's suggestions. I wanted to do a O Fest this year also, but tank space/timing didn't allow it. Really gonna push for it next year as it is one of my favorite styles.
Thanks again, Chris

Grant said...

Awesome to hear. Good luck.