Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yeah! My malt delivery is scheduled for Monday. Time to get caught up on brewing. Sadly, we may run out of a few beers in the mean time, but I'll be working hard to get things back on tap. Thanks for your patience.


Jason said...

I hope there isn't a malt shortage now.

I'm interested to know what your favorites were from the Terrapin's, and your overall impression of the line-up. I hope none of them were skunky....I keep them out of the light but the travel conditions were not always ideal.

I have really been enjoying all of the Surly brews that I brought back. And the Flat Earth and Summit beers that I had were very solid. As for the non-Minnesotan beers, Two Brothers' Cane & Ebel (from IL) was very tasty, and all of the beers from a Tyranena (WI) sampler were very good, especially the Bitter Woman IPA.

brewboy said...

All were in good shape Jason. I really liked the Wheat Wine and the Smoked beer-Yummy! Thanks again.