Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prairie Porter is Back!

We are please to release and old favorite-Prairie Porter:
Brewed with four English malts and two English hop varieties giving this beer a dark, rich, roasty background with light smokey undertones. Bittersweet chocolate flavor develops in the finish.


Jason said...

So the oatmeal stout is gone (for now) -- I enjoyed getting to session it and the Deep Seven IPA. Thanks again for the beer and for showing me around last week (and all of the other hospitality from you and your family).

I have a quick question: what was the name of the homebrewing book that you recommended? You mentioned one besides the ones written by Randy Mosher and Sam Calagione.

brewboy said...

Good to have you all up. I'm really enjoying the Terrapin beers.
The book would be "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing".
Nice to share some pints together. Your always welcome up North.
Cheers, Chris