Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are You Looking For Trouble Punk?

Tripel Trouble is in the tank aging away. Look for it in a few weeks. Samples off the tank show great promise.

Thanks to everybody who stopped by our table at Winterfest. Flame was a big hit among the festival goers. It is so nice having a one on one talk with Minnesota beer lovers. I tried a great many amazing brews during the night. Minnesota brewers are brewing some great beers.

I apologize for our limited availablity of some of our brews at the pub currently. Our Fermentation tanks are full and things should be back on line soon-the Amber will be back on tomorrow.


brewski said...

I can't wait,let us know when it hits the taps.

justme_fromhere said...

Looks as if winterfest went well. Seems as if the Strib reporter thought some of your brews ranked up there with the best.

Congrats on the good reviews!