Friday, September 5, 2008

ABR Line Up

Alright folks. Here's the line up for the Autumn Brew review:
Keg Hopped Deep Seven
I load handfuls of leaf hops in a keg and top it off with our house IPA. Hop heaven!

A strong amber ale aged on toasted french oak with organic Flame raisins and an artfull blend of exotic sugars. Like nothing you have tried before! Available only here at the Autumn Brew Review (for now).

Ghost Rider Pumpkin Ale
I add pumpkin in the mash of this light amber ale, then steep our secret blend of spices to the brew kettle to remind you of grandma's favorite pumpkin pie recipe. A perfect ale for harvest time in Minnesota.

Middle Town Braun
Brewed with large amounts of Munich malt, with smaller portions of dark crystal and chocolate malts. Balanced toffee/caramel notes with a light roasted background. A nice session beer we like to drink out of liter mugs at the brew pub.

Euro Pils
Brewed with 100% of the highest quality pilsner malt and Saaz hops from the Czech Republic. This golden lager is aged slowly at just above freezing for a clean, crisp finish. I LOVE saaz hops, so I add fresh Saaz hops to the fermenter during aging, resulting in a wonderful floral aroma and a thirst quenching finish.


Jen said...

They all sound great, but I can't wait to try the Flame. That sounds amazing.

brewboy said...

I'll try to save you some. I only will have one corny kegs worth. If you have ever had a braggot, it's close to that. Nummy!

Jen said...

I've never had a GOOD braggot...

I'll just try to stop by your booth early in the festival. :)

brewboy said...

The pressure is on!